Interactive Business Games

Explore excellence, customer experience, decision making and team chemistry with our interactive business games tailored to your specific learning outcomes
  • Arabian Market

    Arabian Market is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust.

  • Bean Around The World

    A fast paced, dynamic and highly thought provoking business simulation with a focus on customer relationship management.

  • Beat the Box

    Teams combine their various skills to develop creative solutions to crack a code. To win they must enter the code into an electronic combination lock and unlock the box. before the time elapses!

  • CSI (Crime Solvers International)

    A fun murder mystery where teams collaborate to solve a series of challenges and ultimately win the game.

  • Creative Juices

    Fresh business simulation with a focus on marketing and communication.

  • FreshBiz

    Game-based training for developing entrepreneurial thinking & smart businesses in the new shared economy.

  • Gold Rush

    A strategic and feverish rush in the dramatic search to discover gold!!

  • How The West Was Won

    A fun context to explore Leadership, Risk Management and Strategy implementation

  • Making The News

    Teams report the day's conference and publish their own front page

  • Need 4 Speed

    Need 4 Speed is a frenetic table based game that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance.

  • Out Of The Box

    Creative solution to present ideas and feedback from brainstorming sessions

  • Peak Performance

    Peak Performance is a tablet based interactive business game where teams take the role of Expedition Leader on a 20 day expedition to summit Mount Everest.

  • River Runner

    Indoor white water rafting game that explores leadership, planning and the customer experience.

  • Silk Road

    A fun fast moving and highly immersive themed game that explores the skills of negotiation, information gathering and networking.

  • Speak Up Speak Out

    Participants take ownership of your organisation’s values using this interactive platform to share, align and plan together as a team.

  • Talent Scout

    Fast paced networking exercise matching talent with customer needs

  • Thai Traders

    Thai Traders is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust.

  • Trade Winds

    Themed negotiation game that focuses on gathering information and understanding customer needs

  • Trading Post

    Themed negotiation a game that focuses on gathering market information and understanding customer needs

  • Trust or Bust

    Learn new skills in rapport and trust building to get the maximum out of business and social engagements.