10 October 2015

A year ago Bluehat Group took over the Virginia-based Catalyst USA, a company with a 12 year history in team building. Since the takeover, Catalyst USA has seen a massive increase in the diversity of team building events delivered and the volume.

Of the impressive growth in figures in just 12 months, Tim Shepley, CEO of Bluehat Group, said:

"Bluehat Group took over the successful Catalyst USA operation with a view to expanding the products and services available to clients. On our first anniversary we are delighted to announce an increase of just over 30% in the number of events delivered by Team USA. This is great news for our global clients who recognise why Catalyst products are so powerful. I’d like to thank Corinne Tatham and Katie Kaiser for heading up an amazing team in Virginia. We are very excited about the launch of our Guinness World Records Team Challenge coming soon to the USA. Bring on the next year!”

One of the more popular events Catalyst USA has delivered is Flat Out Formula One.  This long-standing globally recognised product, has been delivered around the world for Google’s quarterly BA Graduation Programme by the Catalyst Global Network. It is a favourite with the internet company because of the event’s creative and competitive elements; the participants’ communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness are tested as teams construct an almost full-scale Formula 1 racing car before putting their models to the test in a Grand Prix race.

Another popular product from the Catalyst Global portfolio, Go Team, has also contributed to the Catalyst USA success. A new take on treasure hunting, Go Team is a tech team adventure that uses GPS and communication technology to get groups working together.

According to Corinne Tatham, global client relationship manager for Catalyst USA, their popularity is down to the flexibility of the events.

"These events are all adaptable, which helps with the clients’ objectives around giving back to their communities and expanding their professional network."

On hearing the news, Catalyst Global CEO, Guy Baker, said:

"Catalyst Global is enormously proud  to be represented by such a strong and experienced company as the BlueHat Group in the USA. We are pleased to see not only the growth in sales and number of participants, but moreover an increase in variety of products that are being delivered.  At Catalyst Global we pride ourselves in maintaining our market leadership through committing time and research to continuiously developing new team building activities which are fun, engaging and proven to deliver lasting individual and corporate change. Congratulations Corinne Tatham and Katie Kaiser and the team at Catalyst USA."