30 September 2016

Pernod Ricard headed to Ibiza for an incentive trip. The plan was to spend most of their time having fun in boats, clubs, discos and on the beaches together, as well as doing some Catalyst Global team building challenges along the way to informally improve team dynamics and communication.

Catalyst Portugal put together a series of fun, edgy Go Team challenges that would fit into their program and enhance the fun!  When participants arrived in a certain place in Ibiza a challenge was triggered on the Go Team app. The challenges were made participularly avante garde and bold to draw participants attention to the challenge lest they became distracted by the amazing Ibiza location itself and forget their team building activity!  When on the beach, teams recreated a scene from the television show, Bay Watch, to the delight and amusement of passer's by.  In the bars, they had to use their charm in convincing the bar tender to let them mix a drink!

Each participant had the Go Team app on their phone and were challenged to create their own team to carry out the activities with at each point.  This way the participants moved about teams connecting with more and more people while having fun!  Usually for a Go Team challenge each participant received their own individual score, not a team score.  The results of which will be used in an internal HR program in 2017.

The feedback from the group was amazing.  Participants said that Go Team seemed encouraged them to have more fun and drew them together as a group.  It helped them get to know each other in a new and intriguing way.  They felt the activities were so cleverly designed that they seemlesssly integrated into their time in Ibiza.